Terms of sale
Single ownership building
Non-smoking establishment
Peaceful establishment

Rental of furnished tourist accommodation

Our Internal Regulations can be consulted at any time on our website

This Residence is intended to receive people for short-term and seasonal rental.

The contracts established with customers are subject to duration and variable pricing according to the seasons set up by SARL IMMO SCAMARONI.

The customer is therefore informed that this rental is not his main residence.

Consultation :

Phone 06 42 32 57 74
Email : resa@ residenzalecacolonna.com
Our offices: 3, avenue Nicolas Pietri – 20000 AJACCIO

This is a 6-level apartment building made up of 14 apartments (from studios to T3 with a garage in the basement)

La Direction met à votre disposition dans un cadre agréable et privé 14 appartements, climatisés et entièrement aménagés.


AXA Assurances Professional Multirisk insurance contract – N ° 10471374304

The parking lot located in the basement

A parking space for one car is available to each tenant.

A disabled parking space is available for people with reduced mobility. You are requested to respect this location which is reserved only for this category of person.

As the car park is not subject to special surveillance, the Management declines all responsibility for stolen, misplaced or lost objects in vehicles.

You are encouraged to make your own arrangements in this regard.

NOTE: You are requested to respect the prohibitions on parking marked on the ground by YELLOW BANDS of prohibition.

VERY IMPORTANT: You are required to inform your visitors to park their vehicles outside the Residence.


We remind you that the Residence is a NON-SMOKING establishment, thank you for your understanding.


The breakfast service is not provided in our establishment, however our concierge remains at your disposal for this service.


All prices are visible on our website in the sections concerning each type of accommodation.


The customer is informed that the price initially agreed, paid for a specific number of people and days, cannot be the subject of any revision or modification during the stay.

Customers via a website approved by our

If it turns out that the customer is making his reservation via an online site approved by Sarl IMMO SCAMARONI, he must respect the dates linked to his reservation (check-in = entry & check-out = exit)
If the client wishes to continue his stay in our structure and only if the accommodation is available for the rest of his stay, he would be obliged to pay SARL IMMO SCAMARONI the additional nights or weeks for which he wishes to book and the amounts of which per night or week are displayed on our website.
Likewise, our pricing for an additional person will be applied, for any additional person not registered on the initial contract via a website and wishing to live in the accommodation.


Upon arrival, the customer is required to present an identification document at reception, before the keys to their accommodation are handed over by the hotel staff.


We inform our tenants that subletting is strictly prohibited within the residence.


Pedestrian paths and gardens

Lawns are strictly prohibited.


Tenants are requested to put their household waste in garbage bags and close them before taking them outside the Residence in the containers.

To avoid any health risk, tenants are invited to regularly empty their trash and not to leave them lying around on their terrace.


The residence has a high-tech “WIFI” installation.
You will have access to it thanks to the CODE which will be communicated to you by the persons in charge of the residence.


a) The user of internet access undertakes not to use this access for the purposes of reproduction, representation, making available or communicating to the public works or objects protected by a right of ‘author or by a neighboring right, such as texts, images, photographs, musical works, audiovisual works, software and video games, without authorization.
The user is informed that sharing software, when connected to the internet can automatically make downloaded files available. If sharing software has been used to download copyrighted works, then it is best and strongly advised to disable it.
The user is also required to comply with the security policy defined by SARL IMMO SCAMARONI as well as the rules for using the network and computer equipment. (Article L. 335-3 of the Intellectual Property Code).

b) When the customer receives the WIFI code from SARL IMMO SCAMARONI, he must not consult websites concerning pedophilia. He incurs the penalties provided for in the penal code, art. 227-23.

c) When the customer receives the WIFI code from SARL IMMO SCAMARONI, he must not consult websites with links to terrorism.
He incurs the penalties provided for in the penal code – Article 421-2-5-2
The user with internet access who receives the internet code from SARL IMMO
SCAMARONI must comply with all the provisions related to paragraphs a) – b) – c) mentioned above.


Before taking possession of the premises, an inventory will be made in the presence of the tenant.
At the end of the stay, a new report will be made.

Bunch of keys

A set of keys is given to each tenant, at the end of the stay, this set must be returned to reception with the exact number of keys given at the start of the stay.

Doors and windows

To maintain a good standard and ensure the security of the building, all the closures of the apartments (doors and windows) are made of aluminum with the SECURITY device
For the opening parts, the corresponding keys are given to the Tenant.

Apartment closures

For security reasons, each tenant is informed that they must lock their front door and lower the curtains of their apartment each time they leave the residence.


As soon as you arrive, you will notice that the premises have been handed over to you entirely clean.
At the end of your stay, you are requested to return them to their initial state. Any lost, damaged or misplaced item will be charged to you.

Housekeeping – Sheets

When customers arrive, cleaning is done and the beds too.

Guests ensure the cleanliness and cleaning of their accommodation throughout their stay.
A device (vacuum cleaner, broom, shovel, mop, bucket) is available to them in each apartment.

After a week, customers can return dirty sheets and towels and collect clean ones.
However, in the meantime, the customer has the option, if he wishes, to change or collect clean sheets and towels. This service will be invoiced in addition to the initial rental price.
At the end of their stay, customers must leave the premises clean.


To reach the Residence concierge, you can dial 06 47 86 60 62

Apartments and their staff

We provide you with a predetermined number of beds, which cannot exceed the number of people for whom the apartment has been rented.
In addition, it is forbidden to accommodate within the premises of the residence any person unknown to the Management.
We remind our friendly customers that the end of an overnight stay remains at 10:00 am the next day.
We inform our friendly customers that any observed fraud will be followed by sanction.


Management allows tenants to have visitors.


The use of barbecue and other appliance intended for grilling is strictly prohibited within the Residence.


To avoid any INCIDENT, ACCIDENT and FIRE, we inform our kind customers that the use of CANDLE, whatever it is, is prohibited throughout the residence.

We advise our friendly customers to plan and equip themselves with electric lights in the event of power cuts. Thank you for understanding.

Gas appliance

For the comfort of people, an air conditioning unit (air conditioner) is installed in each apartment.

Air conditioner

The remote control corresponding to each device is given to the tenant upon arrival.
In the event of a problem, we ask you to inform us of any malfunction and / or anomaly observed concerning these devices.

Recommendation to customers:

As soon as the air conditioning units are switched on, you are requested to close the doors, windows and bay windows for total optimization of the temperature and for the proper functioning of the air conditioners.
Thank you for understanding.


We do not accept any hammock suspended from the guardrail of the Residence grounds.


We inform our friendly customers that animals are neither tolerated nor accepted within our Residence. Thank you for understanding.

Hot water – Cold water

For the comfort of people, a water heater is installed in each apartment. – It is strictly forbidden to touch these devices.
We ask you to inform us of any malfunction and / or anomaly observed concerning these devices.

Right of entry into housing by the Management

1°) The Management reserves the right to enter the accommodation in the absence of the tenants for any disturbance: noise, odor etc. … of a suspicious, disturbing or dangerous nature to prevent stability, harmony and the safety of other Residents and the Residence.
Indeed, after having tried to warn or warn the occupants by any means in our possession (telephone, knock on the door etc.), we reserve the right to enter the accommodation in order to ensure the stability of the occupants. and be able, if necessary, to warn the competent authorities in the event of the seriousness of the situation.

2°) The Management reserves the right to enter the accommodation in the absence of tenants, during serious and / or dangerous technical problems to prevent the safety of others
Residents (with or without a technician) for:
– Water damage
– Poor operation of air conditioning devices – Poor functioning of water heating devices and all other technical problems requiring urgent and immediate intervention, etc.

Useful information :

Administrative service opening hours: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Means of contact (outside this time slot or in case of absence during opening hours)
– By phone : 06 42 32 57 74
– By email : resa@reisdenzalecacolonna.com
– Via our website: www.residenzalecacolonna.com

Arrival time for week packages

The arrival time for customers is set from 5 p.m.

Departure time for week packages

The final departure time is 10 a.m.

Supplement applied in case of late departure for week or night packages late

The customer is informed that he will have to pay a supplement of 50 euros in the event of departure
After agreement of the Management and after having paid this fixed price, the customer will be authorized to stay in the apartment until 5 p.m. No other exemption will be granted.

Type of stay

weekly, flat-rate (7 days, 15 days, 3 weeks, 4 weeks)
Tourist tax – (The tourist tax is not included in the price of the stay)
So for any stay in the Residence, the tourist tax is due per day and per person, to be paid on your arrival.


Customers are informed that their stay must be paid for upon arrival at the hotel (before taking their apartment).
Any stay started is due in full, the customer cannot claim a refund on a started stay. Thank you for your understanding.

The reservation

For the reservation to be effective, the customer must send a deposit of 30% of the amount of his stay to our establishment.
The balance of the stay must be paid upon arrival at the residence.
Reminder: The customer cannot claim to take possession of his room on his arrival, without having first paid for his entire stay (even if he has already paid 30% when booking).

Security deposit

A security deposit is requested upon arrival of the client.
This guarantee will be returned to the tenant in full provided that the premises and objects are returned in good condition and as they had been noted by the two parties on the arrival of the customer.
If damage has been committed by the customer, an invoice will be calculated in relation to these degradations. If it turns out that the amount of damage is less than the guarantee, SARL IMMO SCAMARONI will reimburse the difference to the customer
Otherwise, if it turns out that the amount of damage exceeds the guarantee, the customer will have to pay and settle the difference to SARL IMMO SCAMARONI.

The date of cancellation taken into account in the calculation is the date of acknowledgment of receipt.
– Cancellation by the hotel management:
La Residenza LECA COLONNA undertakes to reimburse you for the full amount that you sent it when you made your reservation.
– Cancellation by the customer: (Days compared to the day of your arrival at the hotel
* 60 days and more, we will refund 20% of the sums paid
* Between 30 days and 59 days, we will refund 10% of the sums paid
* Between 29 days and the day of your arrival, no refund
Thank you for your understanding.

Formal smoking ban

Smoking inside the apartments is prohibited in our structure.
You can go to your balcony outside
Thank you for understanding.

Exceptional termination of an agreement from the client concerning the duration of a stay and the package agreed for this said stay

In the event of termination of an agreement over a period and the corresponding package (in the event of a reduction in the stay coming from the customer), the customer is informed that SARL IMMO
SCAMARONI will invoice the latter at the normal price applicable according to our usual rate in force.
NOTE: Sarl IMMO SCAMARONI refrains from denouncing an agreement on a length of stay and the fixed price granted for this said stay.

Failure to show the client on the scheduled date

In the event that the client does not show up on the expected date of arrival and throughout the duration of the stay that he is expected to make, all sums paid as a reservation by the latter will remain acquired by SARL IMMO SCAMARONI.
This sum will serve as compensation for the Company.
Indeed, the customer is informed that by the sole fact of having made the commitment to rent his accommodation, Sarl IMMO SCAMARONI had immediately stopped any claim of sale of this said accommodation for the dates granted to the client and that this accommodation was definitively allocated to him.

Services and benefits (paid and / or non-paid)
– 1 towel for each (free)
– household linen (free)
– Possibility of making photocopies, (paying)
– Benefit from the WIFI connection (free)
– Free parking -Take advantage of the amenity kiosk (free)
Washing of personal laundry (extra charge) –
– Baby bed (free)
– Benefit from the additional daily cleaning service – (paying), daily amount:
25 euros
– delivery of clean linens (sheets, towels) every week (free)

Fire extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is placed at each level on each landing
In case of fire and only in this case, you are requested to follow the instructions written next to the appliance. These devices should not be used for other reasons.

Video surveillance device

A video surveillance device is present at each level on each level

Smoke detector

A smoke detector device is installed in each apartment.

Exclusive properties belonging to SARL IMMO SCAMARONI

Are considered the properties of SARL IMMO SCAMARONI, the entire enclosure of the property with everything that is in and on the property.
That is to say: all buildings including letter boxes, access roads, sidewalks, signs, safety devices, signs, barriers, fences etc ..
All apartments and rental items, all indoor parking, all green spaces (lawns, trees, fruit trees, shrubs, fruits, flowers etc.…).
Please take this consideration into account.

Meeting point

In the event of a FIRE, WATER DAMAGE or other emergency, you are requested to follow the emergency exits.

Departure of clients – Objects found in the apartments

In order to have a pleasant stay in the residence, the Management provides customers with well-appointed and equipped apartments.
During their stay, customers take possession of these said apartments in complete freedom.
At the end of their stay, that is to say on the date of departure recorded in the guest entry / exit register, the latter are required to release the premises.
All departures are limited until 10 a.m.
Guests are required to leave the apartments and parking space free at the end of their stay.
When they leave and in any case at the end of their stay – that is to say on the date of the end of the customers’ stay – it is imperative that the latter remove all the objects belonging to them in the apartments they had occupied.
With regard to the objects found in the apartments, the Management firstly informs the clients of any missing items that they have left in the apartments.
If the Management has not been able to get in touch with the customers concerned, it will deposit the items found in the apartments for 8 days.
However, the Management declines all responsibility for missing or lost items during the evacuation of the apartment.
After this 8-day period, the Management is free to go and drop off these items at the public landfill, which ultimately become cumbersome in the hotel.
You are also informed that all foodstuffs found in the accommodation will be systematically put in the trash.

Signaling in general

Indication and warning signs are placed in and around the grounds of the residence as well as in the apartments.
We invite our dear customers to respect them in order to maintain harmony within the residence.
Thank you for your understanding.

Final departure of customers

For security and insurance reasons, after returning the keys for their final departure from the Residence, customers are invited to leave the premises of the Residence.
No dispensation will be accepted. Thank you for understanding.

The Rules

These Internal Regulations are made available to our customers 24 hours a day on our website: www .residenzalecacolonna.com so that they can read them before any firm and final reservation. If necessary, the customer will receive at his request a paper copy via LA POSTE sent by us.
A copy of these regulations is also made available to them upon arrival at our structure.

Knowledge and recognition of the understanding of the Internal Regulations of our establishmentétablissement

Taking possession of their accommodation implies that the customer has read these regulations and that they must comply with them – Any breach of these regulations represents an offense for which the Management reserves the right to enforce the remedy. damage incurred, by any legal means in its possession.

Care of the equipment placed at your disposal

All the equipment (furniture and appliances) made available to customers are
in perfect working order – Our tenants are invited to use the equipment according to their appropriate and usual uses.
Our tenants are required to take care of them and ensure their maintenance throughout their stay.

Peaceful enjoyment

Noise bothers, not making it means respecting your neighbor. This is why we ask everyone for a certain discretion in order to have a good stay and that life be harmonious, pleasant, peaceful and serene in the Residence.
To maintain order and to continue to maintain the good standard of the establishment, this effort must be respected, and more particularly in the evening from 9 p.m. until the next morning at 8 a.m.

Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with our rules of procedure and for respecting them.
Enjoy your stay in our establishment,
The direction